My Studio Floor . . .

. . . is absolutely fantastic, if I do say so myself. My entire studio was added on to our ranch shack last fall, and is completely made out of salvaged or “seconds” materials. It only took 2 days to build. I love being more organized and having such wonderful space and great lighting . . .

. . . but the thing I’m most proud of is the floor. It’s made out of particle board pressed plyboard, and some of the sheets had grease stains and other stains, and it’s very rough textured. What do you do with that?My Studio Floor

I hate carpeting, and didn’t want to spend money on tile or linoleum, so I decided to paint it. One of the best decisions I have ever made, let me tell you . . .

Here’s how I did it:

I painted the entire floor with a layer of KILZ. That was to keep the stains from coming through. Then I put down my base color, which is what I ended up calling “cat-poop brown”, but actually looks OK and I like it now that it’s done. I put down 2 coats of that to help smooth out the rough texture. I figured the more layers of paint, the smoother the floor would get, because it “chinked the cracks” and filled in little pits and dips. (Oh, and I did all the painting with a 4″ brush — no rollers — it added to the textured look and made it look like suede!)

Next, I painted moons and stars all over the floor in random sizes and places, using red and gold paint. I also painted a longhorn silhouette in front of each door — it’s what you step in on, and they’re in black. In front of the main entry door, I painted what you see in the picture. So when you step in the door, that’s what you see on the floor.

The last step was to coat everything with polyurethane to seal it. This was the worst part of the whole project. I had to do 3 coats, and I could only do half the floor at a time, so it took 6 sessions, and I had to wait days for it to dry — I was doing this in the winter, and it took foooorrreeever to get good and dry. Plus, the smell! It was terrible! Luckily, I could shut off that room so it didn’t take over the house, but even then, you could still smell it a little bit. If it had been any worse, we would have had severe headaches! But boy, was it worth it in the end.

That floor is so easy to keep clean and so low maintenance. I wish every floor in my house was just like it. I just run the swiffer over it every other day, wet swiffer once a week, and use my hand-vac if I need to, and it’s wonderful — and it cost less than $100 to do it. So if you’ve ever wondered if you could have a painted floor that works, the answer is YES — don’t even think twice!

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