Cooking for Quilters

I visited the Hannibal Piecemakers Quilt Guild last night with my friends, Kay and RM, who were giving the program. Halfway through the meeting, I texted my cowboy on my phone: “I know this ain’t everyone’s idea of fun, but I’m having a blast!” And I was! That group was so lively and friendly and happy . . . they had so much going on . . . they mixed and mingled and chatted and had sooo much stuff to show — I was in quilt heaven! Not to mention that we landed there on the night they had a fabulous potluck supper — and like I’ve said before: Quilters can COOK!

Then there was the program: Cooking for Quilters

Cooking for QuiltersSisters Sandy Beach and Shelly Sands (who spoke often of her husband Shifty) presented a cooking program for those of us who want to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible so we can get right back to quilting. Right before our very eyes, they prepared an entire meal in under 30 minutes, telling stories the entire time. From keeping your cows in the sun so you can have warm milk, to explaining the depression, we were treated to lots of useful tips on cooking and life in general. We even got to eat the food they prepared when it was finished (as if we weren’t still full from the potluck dinner). 

Kay and RM are quite the little comedy team, and put on some pretty good skits. They belong to my local guild, the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild in Kirksville, MO, so I get to see them perform quite often. Sometimes they even drag me in on it. They do most of their act ad lib, so you never see the same thing twice, even if it’s the same program, and they’re experts at disguising the fact that half the time, they don’t even know where they’re headed! 

Even though they kept me out past my bedtime, it was a fantastic fun evening, and I’m so glad they took me along. And thanks to the Hannibal Piecemakers for making us all feel so welcome and showing us such a good time.

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