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I think I finally have it figured out. At least what works for me. I’ve had my new studio for 6 months now, and I’ve been experimenting with all different kinds of wall calendars so that I can keep my schedule visible, and keep myself on track for deadlines.

First I tried just a whiteboard with a list on it. Then I tried a 1-month calendar, but couldn’t see far enough ahead. Then I tried a full year calendar, but felt overwhelmed and didn’t use it. Command Central

Last week I was in Wal-Mart, and they had these inexpensive 17″ x 22″ whiteboard calendars that are blank, and you just write in the month you want it to be and fill in the dates (sort of what I had been looking for, but hadn’t found exactly what I wanted). I got two of them and put them up side by side. The one on the left is for July, and I filled in all the classes I’m scheduled to teach, and all the projects I have to have done for each week. The one on the right is for August, and is filled in the same way, but allows me to look ahead a bit more without getting too overwhelmed by looking too far ahead. Below those is my whiteboard with the master list of projects for the next 3 months and their deadlines listed next to them.

When July is over, I’ll transfer any important stuff from it that I need to remember to my planner pages or notebooks that I store notes in, then move August’s calendar to the left position (they’re just hanging on nails, so they lift off and move easily), then erase the July one and redo it for September and hang it back on the right, then redo the list on the whiteboard, taking off the finished projects and adding more to the bottom. So far, this is working better for me than any other wall system I’ve tried. 

Oh, also to the left of the calendar boards, on the door, is another list of projects I’m working on, broken down by how much of each project I’d like to finish each month, and underneath it is my daily list of things I need to get done. Can you tell I’m a professional list maker?

I bought little magnets (my door is metal, so they stick) that have the days of the week on them, and every morning, I make my daily list and plop it on there with the day’s magnet. I try to never have to carry more than one task forward to the next day, and it’s a great day when I get everything on the list finished! I like checking things off the To-Do list. 

And speaking of To-Do lists, Sasha Cagen has elevated them to a new level with her book, “To-Do List: From buying milk to finding a soul mate, what our lists reveal about us”. It’s a compilation of real people’s to-do lists from all over the world. I haven’t read it myself (yet), but it looks like it might be interesting and even quite amusing — I’d sort of like to know what she thinks my lists reveal about me! She has a web site with a related blog: if you’d like to check it out.

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