Mary Jane’s Farm

If you have not discovered Mary Jane’s Farm, and you are a farm girl (even if only in your heart) you are truly missing out. You simply HAVE to go visit her web site:

My new favorite magazine (other than a quilting magazine, and they’re ALL my favorites) is Mary Janes Farm magazine. I scour every word, and it gives me lots of ideas for things I can do around our farm to make things better. There are lots of downloads related to the magazine that you can get from the web site as well. There’s a little bit of everything.

I’m a bit slow at implementing the ideas I come up with most of the time, and some are HUGE projects that I’d like to take on, but I have to wait for time, money, and help — but they’re still on my list anyway. Thanks to Mary Jane, the list gets bigger faster than I can do the projects. She’s just so inspiring!

Last year’s major project was getting my studio built, and my summer project was supposed to be making a yard. Yep, don’t have one really . . . was planning to remedy that. But in late winter, we had a freeze and a break in some water lines, and they dug the entire area around the house completely up, and my weedeater died. So spring, with all its rain, brought nothing but mud and the most awful mess, and now the weeds have taken over, so nope, no yard this year. 

But I still have my list of projects, and I’m not giving up. Mary Jane’s magazine keeps me motivated. As I work on those projects, I hope to have stories for you here and on my web site, complete with before and after pictures. I might start with the story of trying to turn our ranch shack into a real house. My current project is the new pantry in my kitchen . . . stay tuned!

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