Happy Birthday, Gidget!

Last week, Big Dan celebrated his birthday . . . Today it’s Gidget’s turn. She is officially one year old today. She’s half the size of Big Dan, for all that she’s only a few days younger. She sat up like a big girl for her birthday picture, though.

Gidget's Birthday

Below are a couple pictures of Gidget her first day in the house. What a tiny little thing, and how adorable! And I loved her silver color, although she got darker as she got older. She is still tiny compared to most cats.

Baby Gidget

Baby Gidget 2

We joke that we should have named her Fidget, instead of Gidget. She is a most nervous cat. She worries about everything. Every noise, every action, her people, everything . . . a real Nervous Nellie (another nickname we call her).

She is well-educated, however, and loves to read.

Gidget Reading

She also likes to find interesting places to nap where no one will bother her.

Gidget Boot

Happy Birthday Gidget

She loves being held, petted, and carried around. We used to joke that she wouldn’t even know how to walk by the time she got this old, because she likes to be carried everywhere, and that I needed to get one of those carrier things like you use for infants, so she could always ride and I’d have my hands free! She’s definitely spoiled, but as there was already a Queen of the House when she came along, she has had to settle for being Princess. She doesn’t seem to mind, as long as there is food.

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  1. She is a cutey!!!

  2. Gidget you’re a cutie. Keep on reading.

  3. Happy Birthday, Gidget. Just tell me: how do you make your cat smile ? 😉 Thank you for your comment on my blog.

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