Another Obsession

I admit it — I freely admit it — I’m an addict! And to make matters worse, my addiction is multi-faceted! And I drag family members in on it with me! I already admitted to being addicted to quilting in general, and professed my love for Kaffe fabrics yesterday, but let me tell you about another one of those facets today . . .

William Morris! What a design genius! I love everything I see of his work. I know there are others of you out there just like me — ‘fess up! My sister is one of them. First she called to tell me she bought this book:

Another Obsession

Then she called again to tell me she bought the fabric to make one of the quilts from the book. THEN . . . She came to visit so she could use my light table and show off said fabric and book. It made me want to drop everything I’m currently working on, and jump right in with her and do one, too! (That’s usually how we get into quilting pickles together, and it happens way more often than either one of us would like to admit.)

But, alas, I have way too many irons in the fire, and did I mention I’m behind on my Kansas City Star quilts that the two of us are doing together as it is? So this time, I’m just going to get my fix by watching her work on hers. She’s letting me babysit the book this week, so I’m making the most of it until she comes back to pick it up. I’m certain that she will not forget that she left it with me, nor will I be able to get away with pretending that it “just up and disappeared”. I may end up having to get my own copy . . . 

Michele Hill and C&T Publishing have done a fabulous job with the book. The patterns are wonderful, the projects gorgeous, and from what I’ve seen, the instructions are great. If you love applique, I don’t think you’ll be sorry that you picked this one up.

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  1. yep I must agree that I too love William Morris. I want to make the pillow in the book.
    I have heard that Moda Noveau fabric line was inspired by the Morris collection.

  2. Hey Shelly, he is your bad conscious talking: just put another iron on the fire ! 😉
    Have I ever told you that my former nickname was LaDiabolik (which means The Devilish) ? ;-))))

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