Sewing Box Tour

When moving into my new studio, I became aware that I actually have quite a collection of sewing boxes! I didn’t even realize that I was collecting them, but whaddaya know? There they are! I do love containers of all sorts: baskets, bowls, bins, boxes, etc., so it’s only natural that I’d also like containers for my sewing stuff, right?

So . . . I’ve decided to give you all a tour of my many sewing boxes. I guess I’ve already started the tour, since I showed you this box here: The Cutest Box. . . but now I’ll show you some of the rest of them.

My Sewing BoxMy brother bought me this sewing box at an estate sale. It was full of sewing stuff, too. Most of the stuff inside was really old thread on small wooden spools. The thread was so old that it couldn’t be used because it would break. Some rusted pins and scraps of fabrics that had rusted needles and pins and loose threads stuck in them were included. I got rid of the “junk”, and cleaned it up so I could use it. 

The top had old tapestry fabric on it, and it was filthy. The fabric was wrapped around thin wooden pieces, and glued on, so I popped them off, put a foam layer in, recovered them, and glued them back on to freshen it up. Now I can use the top as a pincushion if I so desire. My Sewing Box 2

I didn’t have to do anything to the inside, but I did recover the inner pincushion to match the outer covers I put on. The bright red “fake velvet” is original!

NeedlecaseOne of the “keepers” I found inside was this old needlecase. The “alligatory” fake leather cover has a sort of etched flower design on it that you can faintly see in the photo. It’s cushiony and folds in on itself. Inside it says: Patented Feb. 24, 1914. The company’s name, Heath & Gills, is also printed on the center paper needle covers. Sewing Box Tour

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  1. all unique and well put to use.

  2. Wow! My daughter has a box similar that her aunt gave her years ago. I don’t think it is that old, but the style is the same. And the needle case is amazing 🙂 What a treasure.

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