Organization Attempts

I try . . . I really do . . . to get more organized. When I moved into my new studio, I was moving from another room in my house, so I took it slow and moved just a few things at a time as I had a place to put them. (And before you ask: Yes, that other room still has a lot of stuff left in it that still needs a home in the new studio!) In my own special style, I got ahead of myself, and now have a few wayward piles that need attention, but I did manage to think ahead enough to have some “conveniences” built in beforehand.

One of those conveniences is my wonderful painted floor. But my absolute favorite convenience is my rolling island. It’s an island with a countertop, and it’s on wheels so I can move it to wherever I want to in the room.My island

Additionally, it is completely open underneath, and that is where I store the bulk of my stash . . . in bins . . . sorted by color, some by size, and some by type. It’s my hope to someday have my entire stash small enough that it will all fit in the bins underneath the island! Think I’ll ever get to that point?

This island has pegboard on both ends with an assortment of hanging baskets and hooks to hold supplies and tools and it’s also where I hang my rulers. On top, I have two large cutting mats, and there are also yardsticks fastened to the top to use for measuring off yardage, etc. I found that wonderful little wooden picnic caddy that you see on top at a local gift shop, and I use it for my scissors, marking pencils, rotary cutters, calculator, scratch pad, and other things I like to keep handy. I also have another little pencil holder basket, and a little basket to hold boxes of pins, and small items that are too difficult to dig out of the deeper caddy, like my pencil sharpener and erasers.Organization Attempts

The island is a perfect height for cutting, and I keep a stool there for times when I want to sit down and work. If you read the post about my floor, you might remember that my entire studio was built out of seconds and salvaged material, so that’s why there’s a big chip out of the edge of the countertop, and the construction looks a bit rough, but to me, it’s perfect.

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  1. I love your rolling island! I want one!

  2. your rolling island is ideal. Maybe you can design a pattern for that and our husbands can build it.
    Now Shelly , why on earth would you want a smaller stash?

    • Our Amish friends built it for me in no time — out of scraps — while I stood there watching. A little paint and contact paper, and it was ready to go!
      I’m sure the smaller stash idea is just a dream . . . I doubt that I can really make it happen. They keep making more that I just have to have!

  3. […] If you’re interested in reading more about my rolling island, you can do that here: Organization Attempts […]

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