Next Stop on the Sewing Box Tour

Here’s a classic for you. Most popular in the 1960’s, my mother AND my grandmother both had one of these beauties!

Grandmas Sewing BoxThe one that belonged to my mother got the lid broken off of it somehow (they’re just made of lighweight plastic), and my only guess is that my little brother surely had something to do with that. So I didn’t keep it. But my grandmother managed to keep hers in pristine condition. And she did use it. And I inherited it!

Isn’t that a lovely amber color? And the size . . . it’ll hold lots of stuff. It has two clear plastic trays that are compartmentalized to hold all your gadgets and keep them from shifting around. There are even a few spindles for spools of thread, a spot just for scissors, and a spot to hold bobbins for your sewing machine. Boy, they thought of everything! Sewing Box Trays

Down in the bottom, my grandmother had kept old cardboard needlecases. There were several of them, and some of them were the type that were handed out as advertisement “back in the old days.” Take a look at these.

Old NeedlecasesThere were also these items in there: a box of straight pins as heavy as nails, and a really old needle keeper labeled “Boye Spring Steel Burnished Egg-eyed Needles”. These are sharps, size 10, and the case slides open, and the needles are stuck into a little piece of fabric in the bottom part, and the top folds back so you can get hold of the one you want. Reading the outside, I was thinking: “Hmmm . . . ‘egg-eyed’ must be their way of advertising that they’re easy to thread.” When I opened it up and looked at them, I decided “Nope!”. The eyes look really tiny to me — I must be getting old!Next Stop on the Tour

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  1. I have a sewing box like that one. It came from my DMIL. Thanks for sharing info about it.

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