Procrastination Challenge Update

I said I’d post more info on the Procrastination Challenge today . . . 

Here’s the project I drew out . . .

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On National Quilting Day last March, I participated in a Stashbuster’s Party. A group of us got together and each brought 100 2 1/2″ strips. We mixed them all up and traded, and each went away with 100 2 1/2″ strips, but all in different colors than what we brought! It was a good way to get a little more variety in your stash, so you could actually do something. Then we were challenged: make a project using the strips. Here’s the strips I got in the exchange, with a few extras added in (I needed more lights):


At the Stashbuster’s Party, I passed out free copies of my Stripper’s Delight pattern, which you can find here: Free Patterns, but I didn’t want to make one like that from my strips. (I hate doing the same thing twice.) So I bought some Thangles, and with the Thangles, I got a free pattern called Stashballs, and that’s what I’m doing with my strips. If your local quilt store sells Thangles, check with them and see what free patterns are available when you buy Thangles. They have lots of good ones. Thangles also sells Thangle Packs, packs with a pattern and all the Thangles you’ll need for the pattern. It sure makes making Triangle Squares a no-brainer. There’s a picture of Stashballs on their front web page. It’s a great scrap quilt. 


At this point, I’m barely started . . . I decided to make the center square of each block the same (all the light blocks the same, and all the dark blocks the same) so I had to add a bigger piece of those two fabrics, and I have the dark ones cut out, the light ones still left to do. 

I also tested the Thangles on a couple of my strips, but that didn’t make a dent in what I have left to do. So . . . not having a deadline, I have procrastinated on working on this quilt, and that is why it ended up in my pot to draw from. I intend to work on it for at least 2 hours this week, and every Monday, I’ll post an update on my progress for you to see. Here’s my progress so far . . . you can’t tell much from this.

Procrastination Challenge


So that’s my update … If you’re up for joining me, leave a comment and say what UFO you’ll be working on. Post a link to your blog and put up some in-progress pictures, and come back every Monday and let us all know how you’re progressing.

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  1. Is it only for piecing or quilting too ? You see, I REALLY have to finish the quilting of a top I made during patchwork courses but I need some “motivation”.

    • It’s for anything you need to finish up, anything you’ve been procrastinating on — Quilting is a big part of it, so of course, it counts. Heck, I’m even going to count putting on bindings! So, what will you be working on?

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