Nine-Patch Pinch

Last night I made some 9-patches.

This morning I don’t like them.

Nine PatchesWell, I guess I like them well enough, but not for the project I’m making them for. They’re supposed to serve as a background for some applique in very bold bright colors, but I think the 9-patches are too overpowering, even for bold bright colors to be on top. I put too many bright colors in the 9-patches themselves — I need to tone it down so the applique can be the star.

So . . . these 9-patches will get put into another project, and I’ll start over with the other quilt. Oh, and did I mention that this is a commissioned job, and I have to be done with the entire quilt by September 14? 

Did I mention also that I am a professional procrastinator?

Did you read about my Procrastination Challenge?

Do you realize that the project I chose for that is NOT this quilt?

Do you think I have a problem?

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  1. OMG Shelly, you better ger crackin’ on the nine patch project.

  2. yep, you better get busy though I bet you do your best work under pressure.

  3. Oh my!

  4. Oh my… you sound like me LOL… not sure that is a good thing though! Maybe we just work better under pressure?? If you are doing applique on your nine patches, you may want to look at sticking to one colorway… like use all different shades of greys or beige/offwhites. That way the background is still varied but would let the applique have the staring role.

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