Little Men

ConnorToday is the very first day of school for our nephew, Connor. He’s so excited about going to school. He was telling us last week about his schedule and all the stuff he was going to have to be doing, even down to packing his own lunch (as if Mom was going to be no help at all)! He made it sound like he was entering the working world, and it was just going to be oh so hard!

Little Men



Little brother, Carter, wanted to go to school, too. I can imagine how upset he must have been when Connor got to go, and he had to stay at home. I’ll bet that adorable little smile disappeared pretty fast — he’s never had to be without his built-in playmate before. You can see from the picture that he wanted to be dressed just like big brother!

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  1. Yes, a big day for Connor. For my two monsters, it will be in 2 weeks (1st September). Your nephews are so cute.

  2. Geez, they are so cute.

  3. […] that’s not all! Our nephew, Tod, and his wife, Tracy, the parents of these two here, are now expecting their third child. So I need to come up with an idea for a baby quilt for them, […]

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