Romantical Episode #2

As I said in my earlier “Romantical” post, I had TWO romantical dates this past weekend. 

The second one was Sunday evening. My Cowboy and I piled in the truck and drove to the nearest town for some pizza to go, then took it out to one of the local lakes (the smaller of the three, and not the one I showed pictures of in the last post) where we have our favorite shelterhouse we like to sit under and watch the sun go down. While pizza is delicious in and of itself, something about eating it outdoors at the lake while watching a beautiful sunset with a cowboy you love makes it taste even better.

It’s very quiet and peaceful, sometimes there are other people close by fishing, and now and then you’ll see a boat off in the distance, and you usually get to see lots of wildlife. One time we saw some young deer come down and walk around in the edge of the lake getting a drink. We’ve seen lots of geese land and take off, and some go up into the woods and walk around. There are always fish jumping and all sorts of other birds. Last night, squirrels were tossing acorns down on the shelterhouse roof while we were eating. 

We were just sitting there talking, watching a man the next shelterhouse over fishing with his little boy along (who looked to be about 3 years old), and we hear a strange loud whooshing sound. We looked at each other, then looked around, and My Cowboy says: Look! It’s a hot air balloon!Balloon4

And by golly, it was! And it was CLOSE! They were just barely skimming over the tops of the trees and heading out over the water right in front of us! I’ve never gotten to see one pass over so close. They were so close that they were calling down to the people on the ground, shouting hellos and exchanging pleasantries. The only camera I had with me was my cell phone, so I’m sort of glad they didn’t see me, racing around on the bank of the lake, dangerously close to the water (and I don’t know how to swim) clicking for all it was worth. But I managed to get these pictures, even tho I’m sure the images won’t pass from my mind real soon as it is. 


You can see the water below them in this picture, although it looks dark. You can see the trees reflected in the edges. That’s how close they were.


They went right past our heads, and up and over the trees behind us . . .


And off into the distance out of sight, getting really high . . .


Romantical Episode #2

As we left the lake later to go home, we could still see them off in the far distance, a little tiny dot, still floating way up high. It’s like My Cowboy planned the whole thing, just so it would be all romantical . . . hmmmm.

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  1. What a beautiful hot air balloon. Glad you had your cell phone. I have been trying to keep my little digital camera in my purse. Never know when there is a Kodak moment.

  2. Now that would be romantic! We love hot air balloons…but have never been that close!

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