That’s a word my daughters made up to describe My Cowboy . . . Romantical . . . and he is!

He never fails to randomly take me on my favorite date, which is a drive through the country just as the sun is getting ready to set. I got TWO of these dates last week! 

We generally see so many things that I can’t possibly get pictures of everything, so I’ll try to hit a few highlights for you now and then. 

Saturday night, we had plans to take our lawn chairs, go down to the old family farm, park out in the middle of the pasture, and watch the sunset and the stars for awhile. The weather was absolutely perfect — we even had to take along sweatshirts for the cool evening. My Cowboy calls this “getting away from the kids” (and by the way, we don’t have any kids). He’s referring to the fact that if we decide to sit outside at night at home, by the time we’ve been sitting there for about 3 minutes, both of our laps are covered in barn cats, and Skeeter has invariably brought us a gift in the form of a dead mole or possum, because why else would we be sitting there?

The last time we tried it at home, two cats got into a fight on my lap and gashed my finger open, and Dandee, my black lab, went out and snacked on a cowpile, then came back and put her slobbery head in my lap. NOT romantical at all!

So Saturday night, we got in the truck and took off. We went the long way around to get to the family farm, taking our time and seeing the sights. We ended up at the lake that is not far from the farm, and decided to take a drive along the lake road before heading to the back side of the farm. Here’s the view we got . . . isn’t that a beautiful sight? 


And that moon! Gorgeous . . . here’s a closer-up shot of that wonderful moon . . . and I wish I could put the feel of the weather into this post, but you’ll just have to imagine it.


We followed the road around in a circle back to where we started, and then headed for the back side of the farm. We decided that by the time we got back there, it was late enough we’d just go on home and do the lawn chair thing another time. So we spent the last half hour tooling along on the back gravel and dirt roads towards home. Truly romantical!

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  1. That’s our favorite way to spend an evening too!

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