Bringing Shorty Home

Just in case you live where it’s hot, and you’re having a particularly warm day, since it is August, here’s a story with some snow in it so you can think cool for a bit. At the time I took these pictures, I can certainly remember cursing the cold, and wondering if my fingers would continue to work long enough to keep pushing the button on the camera. I am not a big fan of winter, but here in the Midwest, we get plenty of it. 

Back last winter, during one of the coldest snaps we had, but on a perfectly lovely day otherwise, My Cowboy decided it was time to separate the bull from the cows. So he saddles up his trusty steed, Bo, and leaves me at the entrance to the south pasture to man the gate. This alone had me worried, as I’m not the most agile person, even when not wearing snow boots and trying to get around in 6 inches of the white stuff (mixed with ice)! But I agreed, since I was the only available ranch hand of the day. What else could I do?

Shorty1Off they go, and get over to the south side where the cows are, and locate Shorty, the bull. You can see Shorty in the upper left, and Bo and My Cowboy moving in from the right. When Shorty finally decided he wasn’t going to win the “I wanna stay where I’m at” battle, they headed back north my way, and I got some more pictures.

They’ve crossed the creek and are on the home stretch. 


Coming up the hill toward the gate. I love this picture. Luckily, Shorty is a VERY calm bull, and we raised him from a baby in the yard, so he’s not aggressive, and is almost like a pet, so running the gate was no trouble at all, since none of the cows came along with him. He just walked right through, like he knew where he was going. 


After getting back in the paddock, all the young horses came to see what Bo and My Cowboy were up to, and offer their help. 

Bringing Shorty Home

How’s that? Did that snow story cool you down any? You might still need to go get a big tall glass of lemonade — it IS August, after all!

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