She’s a Dandee!

That’s how she got her name. When she was just a pup, we kept saying about her: She’s a Dandy! So that became her permanent name. She was born on May 11, 1997, along with 7 brothers and sisters. Labradors are fairly heavy dogs, and new mother Labs sometimes have a hard time keeping track of where all those new little things are at, especially when they have a few and they’re not done whelping yet.

When Dandee’s mother began whelping, I brought her into the closed-in back porch at the house so I could keep an eye on her and the pups, and it’s a good thing I did. While she was moving around having the babies, she accidentally laid down on Dandee, and by the time I found her, she was nearly squashed dead. I pulled her out, massaged her chest, and lightly blew in her face to give her some air, and miraculously, she came back around. First evidence of what a tough girl she is, cuz I’m certainly no vet, and wondered if I was even doing the right thing! Luckily, it worked to save her, and from then on, Dandee was my special little girl. 

DandeeporchMy youngest daughter was only 12 years old at the time, and she took Dandee under her wing, and worked with her on obedience training, which was a breeze, since Dandee is always so eager to please.  Further trained as a hunting dog, she would get so excited to go to the woods, loves to ride in the truck (going anywhere), and is one of the best retrievers we ever owned.

Retired now at the age of 12, this is pretty much how she spends her days. She absolutely loves life on the farm, and even helps work the cattle (who knew a Lab could be a cattle dog?). She still gets pretty excited at times. Topping the list of things that can get her going are:

Sheza Dandee

Seeing the neighbor boy coming with his gun to take her dove hunting

Breakfast time

Supper time

Her cloth frisbee 

Playing in the snow (she adores cold weather)

We take pretty good care of her, and her mother lived to be over 13 years old, so I hope Dandee has a few good years left with us.

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  1. What a sweet dog. Glad that you revived her, as it seems that she has been a very good companion to your family.

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