Sewing Box #4

I’m not saving the best for last. I’ll still have some others to show you, but this one is my best and “favoritest” sewing box. It’s my favoritest because My Cowboy bought it for me. As usual, I was looking at it, and wouldn’t buy it for myself, telling myself I didn’t really need it. However, to a quilter, (and I’m sure you’ll all agree) “need” and “want” are not separate things!

My Cowboy saw me looking at it, and when I opened up my Christmas presents that year, there it was! He doesn’t miss a thing, and he’s so good to me. I’m sure he drops all kinds of hints about things he’d like to have, but do I ever catch on? Hardly ever . . . I don’t know how he puts up with me.bestsewingbox3

So now I have this lovely sewing box that is the most special one to me that I have ever owned. It is especially reserved for holding pieces for my competition quilts only, and right now, it is holding pieces of a competition quilt that has been and will continue to be “in the making” for several years (what was I thinking?). If my eyes and hands don’t give out before I get it done, someday (some far away day) you’ll see pictures of it here, God willing.

It’s got a compartmentalized plastic tray in the top, and is lined with satin. It has a pincushion and an elasticized pocket in the lid, and the bottom is open for holding bigger parts of my project. Right now, there’s an embroidery hoop and some larger pieces of the quilt down in there. You can see the gadgets and tools in the top tray that I’m using. There’s where those scissors went!

bestsewingboxSewing Box #4

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  1. Oh wow this sewing box is so beautiful. I love the satin lining. So stunning. What a special gift from a special guy 🙂

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