Up Against It

Do you ever feel like this is where you’re at?


For the last week or so, I’ve felt like I’ve been just spinning my wheels. The Hopper is holding out on me. I just hope something starts spilling out the top fairly soon. 

I have so many things so close to done, but close doesn’t count when you’re talking UFOs. 

Remember this one? Yeah, “next week” has kinda come and gone, and my roll must not have been downhill. I’m blaming it on the fact that I decided to hand quilt it. What was I thinking? And I have been working on it — it’s just taking a lot longer than I imagined. 

Posies in the FencerowHmmm . . . things taking a lot longer than I imagined . . . that happens to me a lot. I apparently have not learned, in all my 35 years of quilting, how to judge how long something will take me to do. You would think that at some point, Logic would have kicked in and said to me: “Shelly, you can’t hand quilt that quilt in 2 days. Heck, you won’t even be able to hand quilt it in 2 weeks. Why don’t you plan to have it done in 2 months?” But in the throes of ambition and being ever hopeful, Logic falls on deaf ears, and I look in the mirror and see SuperQuilter — faster than a speeding needle, can leap a quilt frame in a single bound — and I can always hear my own voice say: “That’s no hill for a stepper!” (a phrase I picked up from my best friend). 

Two months later, Logic comes back with a nagging “I tried to tell you . . . ” every time I even look cross-eyed at whatever project is in question at the time. So the quilt above is lying in a heap — I mean hoop — by my sewing chair that I haven’t even sat in for over a week, and last time I looked at it, SuperQuilter says to me: “You only have the border left to do!”. But Logic took another look and said: “Don’t even THINK about starting on the border — there are still a couple blocks in the middle you haven’t done!”

So maybe tonight, I’ll ignore the fact that I have a looming deadline for a commission quilt, and sit down in my chair and do some hand quilting. I wonder if I even know where I put the thread? Did I mention I’m a professional procrastinator?

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  1. Shelly why do we do this to ourselves? making a living is important so do the commission one first. A paying customer is important. Then take your time and do whatever one you want. There is no rush. I hand quilt for 30 minutes in the morning before getting dressed for work everymorning. Yes, I only stitch a circle or 2 but eventually it will get done. When I get home, then I decide if it’s an applique night, quilting night or sewing room night or even a I need to go outside and garden night. Decisions,decisions.

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