The Queen

I’ve written about our other young cats, but in this case, I did save the best for last. I have to tell you all about THE QUEEN . . .

MKsittingAround our ranch shack, Miss Kitty is The Queen of Everything. All activities are inspected and approved by her, with proper scoldings for all, if things are not as they should be. Supervision is in place at all times, with help given where she deems necessary (in case you just aren’t doing it right, and you probably aren’t).

She’s an extremely busy Royal Ruler, well-versed in all the various aspects of running a Queendom smoothly. She wears many different hats . . . 









In her spare time, she rides:


Helps choose fabric for my quilting projects:




Guards the provisions:


Keeps the sewing chair heated:


Supervises the sweat shop labor:


And at the end of a long day, she finds time for relaxing and taking in some fresh air:

The Queen

It’s a rough life, but how else would the ranch survive?

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