My Vacation is Over . . .

My vacation from having to do very much cooking, that is . . .

My oven has been broken for over a year — but you never heard me complaining! Lately, the stovetop has been slowly giving out as well, but still no complaints from me — ain’t I quite the champ?

But all that has ended now . . .

Over the past weekend, we helped our nephew and his family move into their new home, and in their new kitchen, they have a stovetop that is separate from their built-in oven, so they didn’t need their old stove any more, and were planning on selling it. 

I looked it over briefly, considered asking them how much they wanted for it, but then remembered that if I got it, I’d have to start cooking again — who needs that trouble?!? So I held my tongue. Someone else, however, didn’t, and if I find out who . . . My Cowboy swears it wasn’t him.

When I walked back into the kitchen a bit later, My Cowboy and his nephew were discussing how best to move it and load it into our pickup, because, Tod said: “You’re taking it home with you. Yours is broken, right?”

I hid behind My Cowboy and held my finger to my lips: “Shhh!”

My Vacation is OverHe laughed at me! The nerve! And they did load it right into our truck! And now it’s in the kitchen of our little ranch shack, looking quite out of place and way too fancy for a shack’s kitchen. But it works great, and I guess I really won’t mind having it this winter when I decide I need some comfort food in the form of Enchilada Casserole or Sweet & Sour Chicken Wings. And boy, does it boil water in a hurry! I didn’t realize how bad the old one really was until I got the newer one. So, thanks, Tod . . . I think . . .

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  1. Nice stove…..teeheeteeheee
    :0) kk

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