Aunt Mary’s Quilt

My Great-Aunt Wanda brought me a couple of unfinished quilts. One of them was a set of blocks, clearly made in the 70s. I’ll show them to you later . . .

The other quilt she brought was this one:

Mary's quilt

It’s an Hourglass quilt — 480 hourglasses, to be exact. Aunt Wanda said it was pieced by her sister Mary. I’m not quite sure what to think. I’m sort of by quilts like I am by dogs: it’s hard to really say one is ugly unless it’s just really obviously ugly. I can’t decide about this one. 

It waves like a Homecoming Queen, so something needs to be done to it, but I haven’t decided yet just what that something might be. I’m debating un-piecing and re-piecing at least part of it, so that it at least lies flat so it can be quilted. But I’m open for opinions as well.

Aunt Wanda wants the middle left as it is because that’s the way Mary made it. I can agree with that. (But I still think some of it needs to be un-pieced and re-pieced). 

Should I finish the border? Add another border? Leave it like it is? Take off the current border in favor of a different one? I actually like the border fabric Mary used, but of course, that’s all there is — just two little narrow side strips. Guess I could substitute a new fabric that is close (something Kaffe, perhaps). Aunt Wanda doesn’t like the border fabric, but maybe if I finished it, or added something different . . . or should I just add a “calm” border fabric to tone the whole thing down a bit?

Should I hand quilt it? or machine quilt it? (Hand quilting might be a waste of time on fabrics so busy — it won’t even show up.)

What do you think? If it was yours, what would you do?

Here’s a closeup shot of the waviest corner:

Aunt Mary's Quilt

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  1. Wow…those are small pieces. I think I would machine quilt it…I don’t know about taking pieces apart…wouldn’t the machine quilting make it lay flat? Just wondering. You’ll have to bring it to guild meeting next week.

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