Tomorrow is . . .

Sewing Machine Day! Yep . . . who knew? September 10 — a holiday just for sewing machines — but that doesn’t mean that I’ll be giving mine the day off.

Can you remember your history enough to recall who invented the sewing machine? Or at least who is credited with inventing it because he got the patent first? That’s right — Elias Howe, in 1846.

I’m sure glad he did it, because I love my sewing machine. I’m not sure I could survive long without it. I schedule its routine maintenance for times when I’m going to be gone on vacation and won’t miss it, because I use mine every single day when I’m home, even if only for a few minutes.

I’m not a techno-lover. I didn’t want a sewing machine that had too many features and would be too hard for me to figure out how to use. I grew up on a little straight-stitch Singer, and it did everything I needed until I inherited my mother’s American Home sewing machine, then I had zig-zag stitch and could make buttonholes — uptown, I tell you!

I survived on hand-me-down machines until fairly recently, relatively speaking. I bought my first new sewing machine sometime after 1996. It was a Janome Gem, a little bitty thing, lighter to carry than my purse. I bought the box of quilting feet to go with it, and fell in love immediately with the quarter-inch foot. I’ve always been a big fan of handwork, but the quarter-inch foot gave me a lot more machine confidence, and I have since been able to turn out quilts a lot quicker than doing everything by hand.

Well, I used the Gem so much, that it started to wear out the gears inside. The repairman said that while it would continue to work, it wouldn’t continue indefinitely, and I should get another machine. So I retired the Gem to use for traveling to workshops, since it’s so easy to carry along, and I bought a Janome DC3050 to use every day.

Tomorrow isI bought it specifically because of a few certain features it had that I thought I might like and use: needle up and down, and blanket stitch. I LOVE my sewing machine! It’s got just enough fancy stuff that I can use it and not get too confused, since it’s not completely computerized, yet it’s still simple enough for me to get everything done that I want to do without shedding tears all over the instruction manual.

And while, yes, I might love to have a Bernina, too, I had to go with what I thought I could afford at the time. There will most likely come a day when I wear this one out, too, and then I’ll go shopping again. How about you? What kind of machine do you have, love, and wouldn’t want to live without? Go on . . . tell all … and give your favorite machine a turn in the spotlight for Sewing Machine Day!

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