First Day of Autumn

Today is the official First Day of Autumn. My favorite time of year. 

Although it signals the beginning of winter, my least favorite time of year, I certainly love fall with all its wonderful colors and lovely weather. We’ve been having rain the last couple days, but it’s been a gentle off and on rain without storming, and we really needed it, so I really haven’t minded it so much.

Three years ago at this time, we were on vacation in Custer State Park and the Black Hills of South Dakota with our friends, Kevin and Amy. Here’s a picture of us out riding during one of those vacation days. That’s Amy riding Cowboy, me riding Zan, and Kevin on Dallas. My Cowboy took the picture, so he wouldn’t have to be in the picture (he’s slick like that).


My Cowboy and I gave the horses a break one day and got in the truck and took a little driving tour through Wyoming and some other areas we wanted to see. While we were cruising down the road, we ran through a snowstorm! In late September! At least winter doesn’t usually hit where we live quite that soon. It didn’t last long, but it was a pretty sight while it was going on. 


If you have never been to Custer State Park and the Black Hills, I highly recommend that you take that trip sometime, if at all possible. Visit Mount Rushmore, and Deadwood, and just take in all the history that the place offers. If you do a lot of horseback riding, I even more highly recommend taking your horses and camping at French Creek and riding as much as possible. You will see things from horseback that you cannot see from any other vantage point. It is amazing. You might even get to see something like this:

First Day of Autumn

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