Design Wall Monday

It’s Monday already . . . I had to really work to get something new on the wall since last Monday! What great incentive!

Here’s the biggest project I have up there:

brickquiltIt’s a brick quilt made of flannel. My sister made her son a flannel quilt a few years ago, then gave me all her leftovers. I have already made one quilt from the leftovers, and this is the second one. Finally, all the leftovers will be gone. This will be throw size, and I have to rearrange all the strips yet before sewing them together. There are also a few more strips to add to it — they’re not all up on the wall just yet. I’m still piecing . . . 

Also, I have a question for you all about this quilt: I’m thinking about backing it with polar fleece. Have any of you ever done something like that before? My Cowboy wants a quilt that is extra thick and warm, so I was thinking — flannel on the front, polar fleece on the back — do you think it would work?

Of course, my Procrastination Challenge quilt is still up on the wall, altho it did not grow very much this week.

And . . . I finally got my act together enough to get my Borderland quilt blocks started. Here’s Block #1.Design Wall Monday

My sister and I are doing all the Kansas City Star Block-of-the-Month quilts from every year. I’m a bit behind, but trying hard to catch up. I’m working on 4 of them at the same time, and have 2 others to get started on. OK, OK, I’m more than a bit behind! And just for the record, my sister is NOT behind — but we won’t talk too much about Little Miss Perfect!

Go check out what others have on their design walls here: Patchwork Times.

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  1. I have made a few quilts with polar fleece and they turned out well. Very snuggly.

  2. Never made one with polar fleece, but I am thinking that it would be snuggly for sure. I would probably do it without batting and make it where you sew right sides together and flip it around. Then quilt in the ditch for stability.

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