It’s Always Something

When you live on a farm, there is always something that needs doing. Yesterday it was fixing fence. Horses and cows swear by the adage “The grass is always greener on the other side.” And they constantly try to get there, which is hard on fencing! Well, our neighbor’s cows think our grass is greener, so once in awhile, we end up with a visitor.

fixingfenceSo to prevent visitors, we loaded up the truck with fence-fixing equipment, gathered up our trusty crew, and drove down to the property line to fix fence. You can see what shape the old fence is in . . . terrible . . . and they just keep mashing it down further till there’s hardly anything left to work with. And this is after we patched some of it last weekend.

This time . . . no more messing around — it’s time to get serious. We added a little excitement to the top edge . . . HOT WIRE! I don’t think they’ll want to try visiting any more. 

crewnpuddleIt was a beautiful day . . . so perfect for being outdoors. But fencing is hard work and the crew got hot!

Skeeter was especially warm, since she’s already started putting on her winter coat . . . she decided to really cool off!

It's Always Something

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  1. I hope the electric fence does the trick! It rained here all weekend (and it’s still raining) so we worked on inside chores here.

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