Show Your Stash

OK . . . since I really need this challenge . . . I’m taking Judy up on this one . . . 

The Show Us Your Stash Challenge!

Wow — No pressure! I think I have too much fabric. And I try to always shop at home first when I’m starting something new! I don’t have pictures of all of my stash, because it is scattered in a few other various places around my house, but . . . the bulk of it is in here, sort of contained.My islandHere’s the other side with some smaller bins . . . OK, and I have to admit . . . some wayward piles as well.

Organization Attempts

The lids are bulging off of some of the bins, and the wayward piles need to be sorted back into the bins, but the bins are so full that doing that is an inconvenient chore, so I put it off and just have piles. I also have some fabric in my old sewing room that hasn’t been moved over yet. And some in drawers in my studio cabinets. I can’t possibly get a picture of it all in one place.

This challenge is just what I need so that I can make that happen! I’m going to work on reorganizing everything so that I can get it all in one place by the end of the year, and then during 2010, I’ll do what Judy’s planning to do . . . work really hard to whittle it down over the next year. 

However . . . in conjunction with that, here is what I really want to whittle down . . . Show Your Stashthe number of bins containing UFOs. I don’t want my entire wall shelf space taken up with UFOs. So at the same time, I’m going to try to have this wall looking different than it does right now. Fewer UFOs and bins, and a very organized fabric stash. 2010, here I come!

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  1. Oh no!!!! Much too neat and organized all ready!!! I am in awe of each of you who have posted images…

  2. I have bulging bins too. Too lazy to refold everything neatly. I know it will all fit when I do. I thought my UFO pile was big – now I don’t feel so bad. If only we had more hours in the day. thanks for sharing your space with us.

    • Yes, isn’t that amount of UFOs just downright embarrassing? (And that’s not all of them!)

  3. Wow what a great storage place for your bins. I have bins, but they are everywhere! I don’t have a sewing room, so it’s hard to keep it all together. I do have two bins full of UFO’s that need to be quilted…. sigh!

  4. Wow! It looks like you have a beautiful, large, well organized room. Nice job!

  5. Oh good, someone else whose stash is already organized and wants to make a dent in their UFOs. Are yours still being piece or have they made it to the top stage? I’ve got both!

  6. […] About the Stash Some of you have commented on how organized my stash is . . […]

  7. What a wonderful work space. So spacious and so organized.

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