Road Trip Tales

My Cowboy and I like to drive everywhere we go. We get to see lots of stuff that way. Usually, we’re traveling with either dogs or horses in tow, but this time, it was just us, down to Houston and back. It actually felt kind of strange not to have any animals along this time!

We also like to avoid major highways, and prefer taking the little back roads, because you see lots of things you just might not otherwise ever see. This trip was no different. I didn’t take many pictures, because there was just too much stuff we saw . . . it’s all etched in my memory, and I’m very thankful for getting to see it, but I could have burned up 3 sets of batteries and overfilled my SD card if I’d really wanted to! I decided not to stress over getting snapshots and instead just sit back and enjoy it all.

We started out this trip going down by Kansas City and then heading south from there into far western Arkansas. We passed through the Ouachita National Forest, and with it being fall, I’ll just let you imagine what a beautiful sight that was! As we got close to the Red River, which separates Arkansas from Texas, the amount of water they’ve had recently was highly evident.

Although I saw several billboards advertising quilt shops along the way, I opted to not seek them out and save my money for the Big Show. I even left my Quilter’s Travel Companion at home on purpose, but if you’re a quilter, you know how it is: you cannot NOT notice a billboard for a quilt shop! It’s a curse, I know . . . I’m right there with you! I wasn’t that strong on the way back  . . . 

We tried also to do most of our traveling in the daylight, just so we wouldn’t miss any scenery. On the way home, we headed east into Louisiana, just so we could go through Shreveport, just so I could then say I’ve been there, having never been to Louisiana before. We stopped at the cutest little General Store just over into Louisiana, and they had deep-fried shishkabobs. No matter that it was 9:00 in the morning, I had to try me one! It had chicken, onions, and green peppers on a skewer, and it was battered and deep-fried, and it was good. They had all kinds of other delicacies I hadn’t seen or tried before, but I couldn’t have them all. I’ll save them for another trip. The store itself was all decorated up with a cowboy theme, so no wonder I thought it was just the cutest little place!

We then headed north and ended up in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Wow — I had no idea! I’ve heard people talk about Hot Springs, but what a place — not what I expected! It’s booming, and much bigger than I thought it would be. Just cruising along, I espied a Hancock’s, so My Cowboy let me out, and napped in the truck while I shopped. I took my time, cuz then he got to take a really good nap. (Yeah, right, like I would have taken any less time anyway) I behaved myself, and only bought one book on embroidery. 

Back on the road, we turned a corner, and my Quilter’s Radar honed in on a quilt shop just right there on the highway, so My Cowboy reined it in again, and got himself another little nap while listening to the football game on the radio. The shop is named Hickory Hill Quilts, and the owner, Norma, gave me a personal tour of the shop. They are a Bernina dealer, so I tried really hard not to notice the machines sitting there, and instead concentrate on other things in the shop. They have all kinds of fabrics in stock. In fact, in one room, Norma introduced me to their Wall of Color. Fantastic! They have lots of batiks, so if you love batiks, and need a Bernina, they’re your place to go. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, and then all I ended up buying was one fat quarter and a cute little quilt hanger! There, does that prove that I really wasn’t feeling well? But it was worth the stop, so if you’re ever in Hot Springs, you need to go see them. You can see some pictures of the shop itself on their web site. It’s cute!

We finally got back on the road for real this time, and our chosen road took us through yet another area of the Ouachita National Forest, and finally, in northern Arkansas, the Ozark National Forest. Talk about scenery! My Cowboy and I both get carsick fairly easily, and this road was advertised at the outset as being “steep and curvy”. It wasn’t false advertising. It took us 3 hours to go the 66 miles through this part of the trip. There were points where the cliffs were so steep that when you looked out the window it felt like you were flying, and I was getting a bit woozy! There was no going fast on this road, so you had plenty of time to look, and we stopped at a rest stop that had observation points, and these were the only two pictures I took of our road trip:

ONFViewThe sun was just getting ready to set . . . 

Road Trip TalesThe rest stop had pictures of the men originally building the road through here, and I just cannot imagine it being done. What a seemingly impossible job! But there it is. I highly recommend it for a very scenic road trip, but if you get carsick easily, take Dramamine before you head out! It’s known as Arkansas Scenic 7, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Maybe next time we take a road trip, I’ll be feeling better and be a little more handy with the camera. It’s difficult to get good pictures out the window of a moving vehicle, though. Therefore, I’ve decided that it would also be nice if I had a week to get somewhere and a week to get back, because if I stopped at every little place I wanted to, that’s how long it would take us to get somewhere!

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  1. I felt like I was right there riding along with you. Beautiful pictures. Great job!

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