Basket Bonanza

My youngest daughter is a professional shopper. She does NOT get that gene from me! I abhor shopping for anything except quilting supplies and fabric. I even hate grocery shopping. 

Wessal, however, prefers to spend most of her free time shopping — for anything and everything — anywhere and everywhere she can. Luckily for her, she’s rich, which makes it easier for her to shop in such a fashion. And speaking of fashion, she’s up to the minute on every aspect of it at all times. More often than not, I hear: “Mother, you are NOT leaving the house in THAT!” Isn’t that supposed to be MY line? After all, I’M the mother here!

I’m also constantly being instructed on which necklace to wear with which outfit, how to properly wear a belt or a scarf (such useful items when working on a farm), and how to match my purse to my shoes (I wear mainly boots, and try never to even carry a purse!). Imagine what a hopeless case she thinks I am — but I’m also a good “project” for her, too — she “practices” on me, trying to whip me into shape. When I can’t flummox her with my wardrobe choices, I resort to using words like “tarnation” and “innards”, or phrases such as “down yonder”. What else are mothers for?

Wessal’s apartment is impeccably decorated, and how she keeps it so organized, I can’t understand. I mean, I SAW her room when she lived at home, and this is NOT the same girl! How does that happen? Everything has a place, everything is in its place, everything matches and coordinates, and it’s all top quality, right down to the goose-down comforter on her queen-sized bed. (I’m using a blanket with the end bindings raveling off, and an old quilt I made that’s darn near threadbare from being overused. Oh, and none of it matches, either.)

She tries to fix me up in that area, too — I guess it gives her something to do when the malls are closed. To that end, she recently bought me a whole slew of handmade baskets. I do love baskets — actually, I love containers of all sorts: boxes, baskets, bowls, etc. . . . My theory is that if it has to sit around and be dusted, it might as well be functional, too; otherwise, I have no use for it. (Imagine my decorating scheme, if you will — luckily, I live in a shack, so it doesn’t much matter!)

Just let me show you the basket booty I now have . . . Here’s the tissue box holder . . . 


The pen/pencil holder . . .


The gathering basket with swivel handle . . .


The pie carrier (which I’m sure will never meet a pie — I’m using it for quilting stuff) . . .


The picnic tote . . . with dividers . . . this is my favorite one . . .


The magazine basket . . . LOVE the horseshoe on it!


And . . . The doorknob hanger . . . isn’t this adorable?

Basket Bonanza

Can you believe all that? When I protest about her spending her money on me, all she has to say is: “They were cheaper than Longabergers, they were handmade, and they were so YOU, and besides, if I didn’t spend the money on you, all I would have done is go spend it on another designer handbag I don’t need.” How do you argue with that?

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  1. Oh my gosh…all those baskets. They are so cool. What a great daughter to treat you with baskets. I just can’t imagine your girls on their own. It seems like they should still be in high school. How is the Dr. doing? Haven’t heard anything about her lately. Will she be coming home for the holidays?

  2. Sounds to me you have a smart daughter! lovely baskets!!

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