I Need Help

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I Need Help

I’ve always been a “gas stove” kind of gal. When I lived with my parents during high school, we had an electric stove, but it was the old kind that had those coil burners with the drip pans below . . . a real joy to have to clean. When I finally got my own way about it, I got a gas stove, and up till now, it’s all I’ve had. 

Well . . . now I have this wonderful glass-top cooking surface, and I have no idea how to clean it. What am I supposed to use on it? Stuff spatters, gets cooked on, and I feel like I’m always wiping it down, but what am I REALLY supposed to clean it with? I need something that will get all the cooked-on gunk off, but not damage it. Since it was a gift, it didn’t come with a manual . . . Do you have a stove like this? If so, what do you use to clean it with? Help! . . .

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  1. They make a special white creamy liquid cleaner that is for smooth cooktops. You should be able to get it at an appliance parts store or an appliance store. You will need the cleaner and a scraper that removes the heavier burned on spills. I have had my range for 5 years or so and it still looks good and it is used daily. Hope this helps

  2. My new cooktop’s manual suggests a cleaner called CeramaBryte and uses a little yellow rough scrubber that feels a bit like Velcro. You scrub and then wipe off with a soft cloth. I bought this cleaner at Lowe’s; it works great. A word of warning: I was forced to buy the new cooktop when I dropped a glass salt shaker on my old cooktop and cracked it. Unfortunately they had quit making the replacement top. Who knew that would happen?

  3. I find the cleaners in the grocery store. Weiman is one variety.
    3M makes Scotch-Brite No Scratch scrub sponges. They are blue. The important thing is that the scrubber part is no-scratch. Most recommend not using paper towels because they can scratch.

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