Florence is BACK!

You may have heard me mention that my longarm has been broken. Her name is Florence, and she has been sick. She broke right after I got back from Houston, and both me and My Cowboy have been too sick to take her in for service. But finally, yesterday was the day . . . Florence is BACK

So . . . My Cowboy was kind enough to load Florence up in the truck (she’s a seat hog) . . . stopped and picked up his father on the way (boys day out) . . . and drove her to the Nolting factory to get her worked on by the guys up there. These guys know My Cowboy, and when they get together, it’s non-stop guy talk and dog talk, and fun and games! (and guys think girls are bad!)

And what happens when a bunch of guys get to talking and have every imaginable tool at their disposal, and they’re working on my machine? She gets PIMPED OUT! Florence is BACK, and in a big way! In addition to the repair they had to make, (which turned out to be minor compared to everything else they did) she got some “cosmetic procedures” done. (I’m really surprised she didn’t come back bright red with flames painted on!)

I now have a spool holder in the front, a movable laser light, a new thumbwheel in the back for raising and lowering the needle by hand, a new flourescent light, and while they were at it, they fixed her all up to be completely ready to just add the computer to . . . so now when I’m ready, I can just buy an IntelliQuilter and take off. Florence can handle it! My Cowboy gives me that sheepish grin and says: “She’s fast — we sewed with her!” Can’t you just picture it? Now I’m so excited to get her put back on the frame and try her out.

Did I mention I love all the guys at Nolting? They really take good care of me and Florence . . . and I love my machine. I shopped long and hard for just the right machine for me, and if you’re in the market for a longarm yourself, I highly recommend Nolting. Tell ’em Shelly and Florence sentcha!

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