. . . has left the building, folks!

I lamented yesterday on not being able to decide what to do next. It’s my fretfulness over winter coming on. It wasn’t even cold yesterday, and I was already “preparing” in my mind for how cold it actually IS today! Talk about being a worry-wart (which generally I’m not)!

And I think it’s frozen my brain! I’m in the same quandary today that I was in yesterday, wondering . . . what should I work on next?

Oh, I got up the gumption to do a little yesterday: I longarmed awhile, then I started stitching on my kit, then I started UNstitching on my kit (see what I mean?), and I spent 4 minutes and 27 seconds on quilt bindings. I did not get started on my Farmer’s Wife blocks yet, but hey, I have until next Tuesday to get the first one done, and being the Professional Procrastinator that I am, I wouldn’t want to start TOO early, now, would I?

I’m caught in between dread and excitement — dread over being cold and disliking winter, and excitement over the season. Tomorrow night the QQB is having our Christmas QQB Party. We draw names and exchange small gifts, and eat and chat and eat and stitch and eat and laugh and eat all evening long. I’m excited! I just dread having to get out in the cold and go. My Cowboy says “just Cowgirl Up and git ‘r dun!” Sometimes he’s just too practical, even when I remind him that I don’t ALWAYS need the voice of reason whispering shouting in my ear.

In the spirit of “gittin ‘r dun” in spite of a lack of motivation, aka a “frozen brain”, here’s some choices for what I might try to get done yet today . . .

Bake some homemade cookies

Wrap up in a quilt in my recliner, and . . .

Finish the bindings on the Community Service quilts, and 

Do some hand quilting on Bella’s Baby Quilt . . . it’s going slow, but it’s a relaxing process, and it’s such a darling quilt . . .

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  1. You poor thing you….just throw your options in a bag and draw a project out and begin. I know how it is if your cold. It’s hard to do anything when you are cold. It is for me. After QQB tonight you’ll get motivated.

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