Fabric Bundles

Don’t you just love them?

Aren’t they delicious?

They call to me when I’m in a fabric store. They especially call to me when I’m browsing vendors at a quilt show. And I’m easy — they sucker me in, and I usually have to take at least one of them home with me. If they’re on sale, they stand an even greater chance of accompanying me home! Home to my studio, where they then sit and I look at them. 

I look at them, and think they’re too pretty to cut up. I look at them, and try to imagine how I can use them all in a project. Then I might wash them, and put them all back together in their same little bundle, still thinking they’re too pretty to cut up or separate. What is wrong with me?

I know that when they’re purchased in a bundle like that, that they’re all meant to coordinate, but really, they don’t always ALL fit together into one project that easily. I need to get over my “separation anxiety”, and not feel guilty about separating them and using them in various projects, rather than letting them sit until they’re a few years old.

I’m making this realization today, because yesterday, as I ventured into the “old sewing room” that I don’t use any more, to look for something that hasn’t yet been moved into the new studio, I ran across this:

It’s a lovely bundle of Peace Creek Dry Goods that my sister bought me as a gift years ago. I know it was “years ago”, because I washed them all and then tied them all back up with the original little string and tag, and the tag says they were from a quilt shop that went out of business a long time ago. See what I mean? I couldn’t separate them, and therefore, I didn’t use them. Fortunately, I still love every piece of it, and I’ve realized how silly I’ve been to “preserve” them like I have, and I’ve decided what I’ll be using them for.

I’m going to pick and choose a few more pieces from my stash that coordinate with all of these, and this bunch of fabric is what I’ll be using to make my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler. I’m planning to go ahead and make all the blocks, and when I’m done, I’ll pick something to use as the sashing and borders. Now isn’t that a much better use of that fabric than having it sit in its little bundle on the shelf?

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  1. I can relate to the feeling of not wanting to use those wonderful bundles. One thing I don’t like about these packets is that the yardage is frequently sent a month or two later, so you have to remember to go back and get what you need for fill-in yardage, borders, binding, etc.

  2. I had to tell you that I did the Syvia Bridal Sampler and a pic of it is on my blog. It took me 4 month to do and it was the most special quilt that I ever made.

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