Laney B

My brother and sister have farms right next door to each other, just down the road from us. Our father lives in between us, so most of our family lives pretty much all in one area within a 20-mile stretch, so we’re all always visiting back and forth up and down the road.

When I was at Katy’s for our Cooking Day last weekend, our brother, Darin, dropped by with his granddaughter, Laney B, who is 20 months old. Since Darin was going out with our dad to cut wood, Laney B decided to stay with us. She watched TV for awhile . . .

. . . then she decided to try on everyone’s boots. I think she might make a cowgirl someday (if she can figure out which appendages the boots actually go on) . . .

. . . but she also seems to realize the need for knee-high mud boots, especially this time of year, so she had to try them on, too . . .

. . . and she finally decided that she wanted to do some cooking of her own, so she opened up “her” very own kitchen cabinet and set to work. I’m not sure who had the bigger mess when we were done, Laney B — or me and Katy!

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  1. HMMMMM, Grandpa told Grandma that HE was watching Lena while Grandma was working on her final. Should have known better! Not knowing where the boots go- she gets that from Grandpa!

    • Hahaha! And you believed him? Surely she was better off with us, don’t you think?

  2. […] Laney B visited again, and apparently, just watching us work left her completely exhausted. […]

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