Horse Ears at Sunset

Is there anything sweeter?

I was goofing around outside last night just as it was getting dark, after I got my part of the chores over with, and had my camera with me because my little black dog, Skeeter, was being so funny, and I wanted to get her picture, but of course, she didn’t stay in one place long enough for that to happen. So I got this shot of my old mare, Bette’s, warm soft velvety ears, just after the sun had disappeared. I was with the horses, because . . .

Skeeter has rules, and she strictly enforces them. They were passed on to her by Blueberry, and no one doesn’t listen to Blue, so Skeeter is constantly working, based on whatever her current marching orders are from Blue.

One of their rules is:

No animal is ever allowed to touch a fence — ever!

If a cow or a horse ventures too close to a fence, any fence, Skeeter flies to the scene of the crime, and issues dire warnings and vicious threats. If those don’t work, and you are still in offense, you just might get a nip on the nose, because “we aren’t joking!”

While we were executing a “bale-out” last night, the horses, ever curious, came up to see just how long it was really going to be before they got supper, and naturally, got too close to the gate. Skeeter worked herself into a frenzy because she was outnumbered, and whenever one would move away, another would venture into taboo territory. So I went to help Skeeter make sure that all was well at the gate, and that no one ended up where they shouldn’t be. She disappeared, no doubt to catch her breath.

Luckily, she didn’t see Bonnie with her head flung over the gate like this . . .

Bonnie was overly worried that the hay was going somewhere other than into her paddock, so she was very attentively watching which direction the tractor was going. “Hey — HAY! — I’m over here! A girl can’t be expected to live on salt blocks alone!”

Much to her relief, the hay was safely deposited right where she likes it to be, and she calmed down enough that Skeeter didn’t have to issue any more threats. It’s not like she’s in danger of wasting away to skin and bones anytime soon, anyway . . .

She’s got cute ears, too, don’t you think?

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  1. Cute pictures! Bonnie is beautiful.

  2. She is beautiful!


  3. I love horse ears! They’re sooo soft! Miss Bonnie is beautiful! Would love to see Skeeter too, such a devoted worker.

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