Cooking Day #2

If I could sing . . . but I can’t . . . I can’t even carry a tune in a bucket . . . I’d be singing the praises of the Imperia Pasta Machine! It was a life-saver! It made Cooking Day #2 much better than Cooking Day #1 . . . making Tortellini should always be this easy . . .

The only effort involved was cranking the handle . . . which was so much better than wielding the rolling pin for so long.

And because we didn’t have to overwork the dough, it stayed stickier, and made the folding and pinching go much better, so today I don’t have Carpal Tunnel! Here’s three of our four batches of dough, and the bowl of filling . . .

And the results of the day’s work this time . . . it went so much easier and faster using the pasta machine.

With the 3 batches we made earlier, and the 4 we made yesterday, we’re hoping we have enough to feed the hungry hordes at Christmas Dinner.

Laney B visited again, and apparently, just watching us work left her completely exhausted.

Cooking Day #3 is coming up Thursday. Katy and I are getting together on Christmas Eve to make homemade Tiramisu. I’m sure it will turn into an impromptu family gathering, but they’re still gonna have to wait till Christmas Day to have those Tortellini!

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  1. That definitely looks like alot of fun and yummy work!

  2. I have one of those pasta makers too. I use it for making a lemon ravioli that I use for a dessert.

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