Final Countdown – Task Three

Do today’s task, and you’ll be over the hump in the Final Countdown. If you haven’t started yet, or you’re just now checking in, don’t despair. Grit your teeth, read this post, and jump right in.

Today’s task is . . .

Straighten up your stacks of magazines and/or your quilting book shelf

I’ll confess right now, before you scroll down and see for yourself: I have lots of quilting magazines, and quite a few quilting books. If I don’t keep them in some sort of organization, then I can never find what I’m looking for if I decide to go back and try to locate something. When I moved into my new studio a year ago, I got them all organized, and boy, was I proud! Over the course of the last year, I’ve added more new ones, pulled out and used some of the stored ones, put others in the piles without paying any attention to my organization scheme, made new piles in other places (where they shouldn’t be), and otherwise gotten them all messed up again.

Now . . . maybe you don’t have as many books and magazines as I do. Maybe you NEVER take one out without putting it away properly. Maybe you always put new ones in the perfect spot as soon as they enter your domain. Maybe you even have yours indexed — GASP! (If so, maybe I need to talk to you, cuz I’ve always wanted to do that!) If you are blessed enough to be so organized, I’ll still allow you to comment here and be eligible for the prize, just so I can find out who you are! If you can relate to my dilemma, then your work for today is now cut out for you.

So get to it, leave your comments or links (because I’d love to see some pictures that will make me feel better about my own mess), and know that this is what I’ll be working on today, right along with you:

Here’s the bookshelf:Oh, it looks neat enough, but I need to get the extra stuff out from around them, and find any that have escaped and are laying around in places they shouldn’t be.

Here’s the magazine storage . . . one section . . . also deceptively neat-looking . . . sort of . . .. . . and the other section . . .

I know, I know, I have too many — but you DO realize that they come out with more every month, and I just can’t resist? What if I missed something important or quilt-world-shattering? I would never be able to forgive myself! And that’s why I also have this:

And why my head is now hung in shame, and I’m leaving to go do something about it . . . I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. I’ll be moving in a couple of weeks so all my books are in boxes. But yours look great :o)

  2. I wish I had as many quilt magazines on my shelf as you but I only have eight and they are all in a row.
    I have more hardcover books that are all straight and tidy in a nighttable/ironstand in my sewing/guestroom.
    Whew! Today’s task not so bad! Thanks for the fun.

  3. I have lots of quilt magazines and books. The books I keep relatively organized but the magazines do pile up. I go through them and remove the ads and patterns I know I will never do and then file them in a bookcase by magazine and date.

    You reminded me of the pile I need to file so I’m off to grab those and take care of that task right now.

  4. My husband bought me a storage cabinet for Christmas and put it together last night so o.k. I will go do it.
    Love your huge button jar!

  5. Mine aren’t really organized but they all go in the same drawer. I would love to get a file cabinet so I could keep them more organized.

  6. This summer I had a big straightening session. One of the things I did was go through my magazines to see what if anything I could get rid of as I had simply run out of space. Took a bunch down to the LQS where they are given as “gifts” if you spend over $X. Anyway, the shelf looks pretty good, but there is that stack of books in the extra chair in the living room. I suppose I really should put them back away.

  7. Another task completed–I was able to sort through and delete a few that I have never used and I am passing them along to an acquaintence (probably new friend) that is just taking up quilting. I hope she likes them as much as I like dejunking!

  8. Okay Shelly, I’ve got my magazines all lined up on the shelf. Good task to complete. I’ve posted about it, and my completed quilt (binding) on today’s blog.

  9. Wow that is a lot of quilting reference material!!!! I am looking for a good quilt block encyclopedia – do you have any suggestions. I don’t have that many books and magazines for quilting yet but I am working on a collection. Glad to see how well everyone is doing on their tasks. I haven’t finished my first task quite yet but we will see if I get it done!!!

  10. I almost don’t have quilting books or magazines, 😦 but I have crafts magazines (embroider, knitting, crochet, jewerelly, etc) they’re over the shelf, in the library, I like to put them in themes, numbers and years, so…, my task for today’s done! 🙂

  11. Well that “little” task took me a good chunk of the day and made me realize that I have WAY too many books and magazines. I have saved magazines for lots of years already and most have little flags sticking out the tops marking projects I liked and want to make. I may need to rethink all of that. Will try to put some pictures etc into my blog tomorrow – depending, of course, on what form of torture Shelly has planned for us next….

  12. Think I lost my first comment… OK, so I spent most of the day straightening up my bookshelves and I realize now that I have WAY too many books and magazines. I have been collecting them for a lot of years now and most of them have little flags sticking out marking all the projects I want or wanted to make. I’m thinking now that I may have to revise those ambitions. I will try to put some pictures up and blog about it tomorrow depending, of course, on what form of torture Shelly comes up with for us to do on day 4!

  13. OK, I got started with picking up a pile of magazines off of the floor and into a plastic container. I do have several milk crates full of magazines but still lots to pick up.

  14. I realized back in October or maybe November that I had waaay too many quilt magazines. I decided to get rid of every magazine that was published before 2005. That was three piles on the floor in my quilting room. I can’t just throw them away, however. I am saving the piles and planning to take them to quilt guild meetings as freebies. Unfortunately in November both guilds had auctions or nice programs – not good times to bring freebies. December was Christmas party time – not good to bring freebies. Okay, in January I really must drag in at least one pile. At this rate if my plan works it will be late March before all three big piles are removed from my area. It really is hard to be ruthless.
    Rose Marie

  15. I started sorting my magazines earlier this month so I had a head start. When I;m finished with them I take them to the guild meeting and give them to anyone who wants them. Recycle!!

  16. Ah HAH (once again)!!!!

    Straightened out my magazines and ALSO organized my quilt patterns in my 3-ring binders!

    NO MORE floating bits and pieces of papers, scattered willy, nilly here and there! *grin*

    Tks for adding my name in your cowboy’s hat!

    Rosa Robichaud
    Saint John, New Brunswick

  17. I don’t have too many books/magazines so that wasn’t the issue. The problem was the top shelf was being used as a catch all for everything else!

    Thank you for giving us this task! I found 2 things I have been looking for buried on the top shelf! Hehe.

    You just never know…..!


    (will blog/pics tomorrow)

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