News From the Ranch, Episode 235

It’s a rare day when I don’t get to even touch a needle at least a little bit, or handle a piece of fabric, but yesterday was one of those days. I spent the day in the hospital with My Cowboy in the ER. When a big, tough guy that size says he needs to go to the ER, you don’t piddle around — you just load up and get him there! After doing all sorts of tests, and being there for over 6 hours, they did let him come home, but the tests were sort of “inconclusive”, so he’s still sick, and has to go back to the doctor next week. As he puts it: “There’s an entire day of our lives we’ll never get back!” Poor thing . . . 

So I’m back today, and trying to catch up . . .

I’m loving all your comments on the Final Countdown tasks! You are all so funny, creative, and imaginative. From being ahead of the game, to seeing it as a “kick in the pants”, to substituting something else to do in lieu, I’m amazed! And I need to post my own progress . . .

I missed Design Wall Monday, so I’m gonna try to get all my updates posted today, and would also like to remind you all that comments on the Twelve Days of Christmas Give-Aways are still open until midnight Thursday night, so head on over and get signed up for your chance to win.

I’m also very humbled and grateful and appreciative of all the Merry Christmas wishes I got from all of you. Aren’t quilters just the greatest bunch of folks in the world? Our Christmas plans were completely foiled. The weather didn’t cooperate, so we didn’t go visit My Cowboy’s parents, and we even missed Italian Christmas Dinner at my sister’s. We were iced in for several days. But my sister saved us some Tortellini, and we’re trying to put together a New Year’s Eve get-together instead, so it’ll all work out. If there’s one thing you can’t ever control, it’s the weather. I hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas, a nice break, and that you’re headed into a fabulous New Year!

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  1. Oh your poor cowboy, I hope it’s something that clears up soon.

  2. We had a very nice Christmas. I hope you can get together with your family for New Years. It would be a shame not to enjoy some kind of Italian dinner!

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