Final Countdown – Task Four

Two more tasks to go . . . are you hanging in there? What?! You haven’t started yet? Well, click HERE to read what we’re up to, and jump on in with us — it’s not too late just yet.

Today’s task is . . .

Clean up the area around your sewing machine

I start out with a nice neat area, and then . . . this happens . . .

I’ve almost completely boxed myself in with pieces and parts of multiple quilts. I mean, how many can you REALLY sew on all at the same time? (Don’t tell My Cowboy that I actually do realize that I can’t sew on them all at the same time — I’ve spent lots of time trying to convince him that my system works . . . just to justify my messes — don’t ruin my progress . . .) And stacks of baskets?! What am I thinking? It’s a wonder I don’t sew pieces from one quilt into another! Do you do this, too? Or am I alone on this one?

If you can empathize with the above predicament, your task for today is to clean up this area. Now that I can barely move my arms when I sit down at the machine, it’s time to give myself some elbow room. Maybe you’re in the same pickle — are we related somehow? I’m cleaning mine up today . . . you do the same, then leave your comments about how it went. I can hardly wait to hear about it!

And if you’re laughing hysterically, or cringing in disgust, at how someone could get to such a point, as you sit at your pristine sewing table, you’re still allowed to leave your comments for a chance to win the prize. And while you’re at it, maybe you could give the rest of us slobs some hints and tips?

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  1. At the moment the area around my sewing machine is neat — just don’t look where the serger should sit on my table. I have stacks of stuff there and the serger is over under the shelves since I don’t use it in my quilting.

  2. After I filed my magazines yesterday I cleaned my sewing area. My probem always seams to be stray threads and dust bunnies. They just seem to multiply at night while I’m sleeping. Since I can’t bear to throw anything “useful” away I use small pieces of leftover batting to wipe up the threads and dust from my hardwood floor. Works great!

    It has been so much fun performing your tasks, I am going to miss your assignments.

    Thanks for making my time off more productive and more fun.

  3. Do great minds think alike or what? I woke up early this morning and started in on my button drawer–that was followed by other notions and then I checked your assignment for the day. Yea me! You should see how good everything looks!

    Here are a few tips: ziplocks, shoe boxes a trash can and

    For example, I sorted the buttons by color and put them in quart ziplocks. Now they all fit in a single drawer and look beautiful. Likewise, rickrack and ribbon and such. I sorted by type and put in ziplocks.

    Works in progress (quilt tops) I have put into shoe boxes so I can keep track of them (this includes the fabric I sorted out for the Hazel quilt–I need to ask you a few questions about that).

    The trash can–well, who can say too much about the trash can. Just use it!

    Finaly, This is a website for getting rid of stuff. I have assorted small trims, for example, that I have had for a long time. Many were handed down to me. I can’t just throw them away–SO, I list them on freecycle. Along with all zippers over 100 count (when will I ever even use that many?) Yarn scraps, quilt bat scrap (people love to make softies). Yes, I might use these things some day–But someone else can use them right now and I now have space to breathe and be creative.

    I have enjoyed all the challenges and look forward to tomorrow.

    Even if not assigned, I plan to make a list of all works in progress and put it on my bulletin board near my sewing machine. Then, I can check them off as completed. That will also be refreshing–what a happy new year it will be!

  4. The advantage of having a little working space is that I have a little messy space ! 😉

  5. Well, I may have mentioned this before but I live in an ancient mobile home trailer. One closet to be shared by me, two growing girls and DH is just out of luck. He has his bins in his workshop.

    My sewing area is our kitchen. When I’m in sewing mode we lose our table for the duration. Jen has my old sewing machine and she set it up on a small table in the kitchen as well. And now Santa has brough Lisa a sewing machine and it’s set up on a tv table…again in the kitchen. Apparently we are now a factory LOL.

    So today I will reorganize our kitchen/factory. The girls wanted to sew anyway and yes, someone may twist my arm and force me to sew as well.

    Thank heavens DH is quiet and non-confrontational, he is perfectly happy eating in the living room in front of the tv. If he’s quiet we won’t notice right?

    Oh did I mention what else is in my kitchen? 2 dog kennels. Those take up space big time. With our winter upon us, Lady doesn’t spend the time she usually does outside, nor is she out for the day while we’re at work. Thus the kennel (she’s a shelter rescue and has never ever gotten over some of her bad habits…garbage, destroying stuffies, etc…while we’re away. its an anxiety thing when she’s alone).

    Hey, I’m a bit babbly today I noticed. I’ll go now.


  6. I use my sewing machine in my dining room and it’s clean, my machine’s packed because it’s on holidays, lol. I put the magazines and the sewing machine in the same shelf. I’m working on a christmas aplique right now, I’m not on holidays, lol, just letting you know 🙂

  7. I use my sewing machine in my dining room and it’s clean, my machine’s packed because it’s on holidays. I put the magazines and the sewing machine in the same shelf. I’m working on a christmas aplique right now, I’m not on holidays, lol, just letting you know 🙂

  8. Oh wow Shelly this is a hard one. But I am working on it.

  9. I can’t even find my sewing machine table! This was a hard one, but I moved everything and then sorted and resorted into piles and boxes to keep everything from falling into a deep dark hole.

  10. Okay, oodles of spools have been put back in their tins, pens and pencils too. Scraps of fabric sorted and bagged, cutting mat cleaned of cat hair and thread bits.Patterns and notes either filed or thrown away. Machine dusted but I will oil it and change my needle before my next sewing session. It certainly looks better and thanks to you I feel much better too.

  11. I need to go read what you are up to…I missed a few days! With company here, not even peeking in my sewing room…:( But, like you, I need to clean up my little sanctuary to be ready for all my new year resolutions! I’ll get right on it when the girls leave! REALLY, I WILL!

  12. Well, if you had even WHISPERED the Fly Lady’s name, whom I DESPISE with a passion, I would have fled in the COMPLETE opposite direction!!! TRUST ME!!!!


    Seems as if you’ve managed to get me to do some tidying up and I didn’t even complain – not once! LOL

    It’s now 11h36 p.m. here and I’m headin’ off to bed but I just wanted to tell you that I’ve managed to do all FOUR tasks, so far.

    I just hope that tomorrow’s task isn’t too, too complicated, as I’ll probably be out a good part of the day. 😦

    Tks for the contest!

    Rosa Robichaud
    Saint John, New Brunswick

  13. I took care of this one last night. I just finished piecing a quilt and cleaned everything up from that one and got the pieces for another one ready to go. I also stitch on my kitchen table so it has to stay pretty decent.

  14. Okay. Cleaned up all the scraps on my sewing machine today…. will blog about it tomorrow with pics…

    I just put them all in my scrap bin for now…. But at least they are out of the way!


  15. I have done the required cleaning around my machine! Actually, had done it on day one, but I also organized my drawer too. This has been a great way to get re-focused and cleaned up ready for a new year of sewing!


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