Task Three . . . hmmm . . .

Incomplete as of right now . . . but I’m not giving up just yet. I’ll show you where it stands today, and update again later. Here’s my bookcases all rearranged. Not sure I’m 100% happy with them yet, but they are so much better . . . Here’s the right one:I got real ambitious, as you can tell. I had that shoe rack in the closet, and it was only holding 3 pairs of shoes, since I mostly wear boots all the time, and I keep them elsewhere, so it was just going to waste. I cleaned it all up and now intend to use it to store my collection of longarm patterns, which, as you can see, is small right now, but I hope it gets larger as time goes on. Meanwhile, it’s also holding some little cutesy stuff. See that middle shelf below the shoe rack? That’s the one I’m unhappy with right now. I may still rearrange it some more . . . we’ll see.

Here’s the left one:I even took time to make little hanging tags for my applique scrap baskets, which are sorted by color. THAT was an ADD thing, for sure. I can sidetrack myself like the best of them! The blue bins on the bottom hold all my pre-cut pieces I was talking about yesterday.

Here’s the stack I still have left to go through. It’s smaller, but still a stack . . . It’s snowing here again today, so it just might be a good time to snuggle in and spend time looking through them and reading and dreaming . . .

Here’s what I’ve sorted out to give away so far. I’ll be taking them to guild meeting and letting my fellow members have at it! They all always disappear!My Cowboy says (he can still boss even while sickly) that this is not nearly a big enough give-away stack. I should probably agree, but we’ll see what happens as I finish up the last stack.

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  1. Everything looks neat there already, your task’s already done!, give the mags to me, lol

  2. I’m so jealous!!!!!

    Ok, back in my reality I really didn’t have much to clean up in the book/magazine department.

    I have a project binder and I tidied that up…I’ve been keeping my patterns used, notes, etc, in plastic sleeves in this binder. It’s something I began when I started quiltstart a year ago. Our quiltshop has a freshman level graduation and a sophmore level as well. So I keep track of all the techniques I’ve learned over the year. I’m actually one away from my freshman level. I need a Colour 1 class and they are having on in March! Wahoo! And I am well on my way in the sophmore level.

    Anyway, so any actual patterns I;ve used are in there. Any patterns I haven’t used are in another binder that zips shut (it’s my dream binder). After that I have all my magazines (quilting on one side and cross stitching on the other side) in a suitcase under the bed.

    So I’m done!

    Ask me next year when I’ve had a second year to collect stuff LOL.

  3. I went thru my magazines and weeded out the ones I didn’t want or didn’t need anymore. They are in a pile and I’ll take them to the next guild meeting to give them away.

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