Task Five Complete

Well, the dreaming part, that is . . .

I’ve decided what new quilt I’ll be making this year. As I was doing Task Two, and storing all my scraps away, I realized that the bin containing pre-cut 1 1/2″ squares was bulging. I need to use those up. So . . . having seen an antique quilt made with squares that size, I’m gonna make me one like it to use up some of those squares. Here’s my sketch:

It’ll measure 85″ x 85″ the way I have it sketched, but I might just add another row on the bottom to make it finish at 85″ x 105″ so I can use it on our bed. Plus, that’ll use up that many more squares. Each 15″ block will use 225 squares. I’m alternating print squares with plain white fabric (since I have a lot of that to use up as well), and then I need to decide on a sashing fabric, but I can do that later.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to fasten the lid on that bin when I’m through. But . . . while I was at it . . . I also noticed that the lid on the bin for 1 1/2″ strips is also bulging, so I need to make a quilt that uses 1 1/2″ strips, too. The obvious would be a Log Cabin, but I’m not too much of a fan of sewing Log Cabin blocks, so I think I’ll keep shopping for a good pattern to use those up with. 

What did YOU come up with?

I hope the Final Countdown helped you get organized and ready to head into the New Year with a fresh start. I know it has helped me — it gave me the gumption to do something about the piles rather than stand there and keep looking at them and doing nothing. Remember, you still have until January 4th to finish your tasks and leave your comments for your chance at the prize package, so if you’re not quite finished, don’t give up just yet!

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  1. Your quilt’s going to turn pretty!, I’d like to be the way to “sketch” an idea, maybe the experience helps!

  2. Organized – YES!!!

    The starting a new quilt, with your permission? LMAO!!

    Now, my sewing table’s all cluttered up, again, with my different totes!

    Oh well, I’m heading back there, to try and re-conquer the beast!


  3. I posted a couple of pics… wanted to get them in before I start sewing again and there are scraps all over 🙂



  4. Shelly thanks for end of the year motivation.
    I bound my coffee quilt (which btw, I’m quite excited about. Just yesterday I was contacted by Irish Quilting magazine who found my coffee top photo in my flickr pages and asked if they could publish the photo in a future issue as the pattern came from their premiere issue…yay!!!).
    I tidied up my scraps, putting like fabrics (by tone/style) in ziplock baggies and putting all my scrap batting into a box. Fortunately I use the same batting every time so I can just zig zag them back together for future use.
    Once I got going on my scraps I started tidying up my threads as well. I put threads together by company and sorted out which bobbins go with which thread spool. I purchased a small plastic drawer system from Superstore and am going to use that to store my threads in from now on.
    I tidied up my craft bookshelf in my kitchen. I was ruthless and pulled all the cross stitching leaflets/books that I knew I would never ever use (not my style, why did I buy that, etc). I have a box full now to take to my next guild meeting to donate to other members. I don’t cross stitch very much anymore and I’ve become quite picky in what I’ll stitch. As a designer (now retired, yes, I believe I’m officially retired now) I tend to stitch my own designs anyway. that’s the reason I started designing in the first place many years ago.
    Yesterday, I had to go to town and since I was there anyway, I stopped by our local magazine/book store. And my luck was with me, the latest Irish Quilting Magazine had arrived. Issue No. 6. I spent a wonderful evening going through the pages and dreaming. And yes, I’ve found a quilt I want to do in 2010. I love red doors. My dream is when/if we ever build a home, it’ll have a red door. And bricks. There is a quilt in the magazine of a red door surrounded by brick work. It’s like it’s meant to be! So I’m going to do it. It may be crazy but I’ll have my red door to hang every winter.

    Shelly, I’m so glad I discovered your blog this past year. You’ve really helped with my introduction to quilting and your love of fabric has really rubbed off. I look forward to getting to know you better in 2010.

    Take care and happy stitching!

  5. I spent two+ hours cleaning and moving fabric around. Most of my purchased kits are now in my den and in fact, I cut one out this morning and put all the pieces in a labeled bag. I am also current with your 1951 quilt! As much as I don’t normally look forward to Monday, it’s the 4th and some one will win a prize!

    Thanks, Sandy

  6. For your strip scraps you could try a string quilt rather than a log cabin. Just an idea for something new.

  7. […] where I talked about it before: Quilt Sketch. Well, I set right in sorting out squares for this quilt, and found out that I had enough of only […]

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