Stash Report #2

OK, here we go . . .

Used this week: 5.5 yds

Used Year to Date: 36.125 yds

Added this week: 0 yds

Added Year to Date: 4.75 yds

Net used for 2010: 31.375 yds

Fabric was used this week because I worked on the Cowboy Quilt, and because I drug out the fabric to make this:

It’s called “Hare-y’s Night Harvest”, and it’s from the book “Wild About Hare-y” from Back Porch Designs, designed by Marilyn Gash. I’ve wanted to make this quilt for a long time, but had no good reason. However, the neighbor boy that helps us with chores now and then, Nick, and his girlfriend, Hailie, are expecting a baby boy in March, and I’ve decided to make him this quilt. I had something else in mind, but when they told me for certain that it’s a boy, I couldn’t wait to do this one instead. Theirs is done in wool, but I’m using cottons. And I couldn’t find a suitable black for the background, but I had a dusky blue exactly like that black, so I’m using that. We’ll just pretend Hare-y is harvesting under a full moon in mine! I have all the pieces cut except for the fence, so it should go pretty quickly. More pictures later as I get it closer to done . . . 

The best news from this report is that I managed not to add anything this week. For several years now, I’ve had myself on “fabric ban”, not allowing myself to buy very much, if any, fabric, except only to finish something I already had started. It worked pretty well, so why do I still have so much stash left? Does that tell you anything? The down side of that is that I’m getting bored with my stash — shopping at home is not as fun any more. So I told myself that this year, I’m off fabric ban. I certainly have no intentions of going wild and launching a big spree, and I hope I will mostly still purchase fabric that I need to finish up current projects, but if I see something I just want, and want to do a little stashbuilding, I will allow myself to do it . . . some . . . but it is mostly my intent to use up a LOT of what I have this year, and then maybe next year, I can actually go on a real spree!

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