The Good, The Bad . . .

. . . and the Stash . . . 

I received a box of fabric from a friend yesterday. That’s good, but it’s also bad . . . I LOVE getting free fabric, but my point is to have a smaller stash at the end of the year than I do now. How is this going to help? Ack! But, of course, you’ll notice I didn’t turn it down!

Here it is:

And it’s PACKED! I went through it all, and took out only what I thought I would use or really really liked. Guess how much that was? 14 yards! And it didn’t make a dent in the box contents — it’s still full! I’m taking the rest of it to guild meeting next week, and giving it away to fellow members. Out of what I kept, I’ll be cutting most of it up for Community Service quilts. 

Every January, my best friend, Rose Marie, hosts a Community Service work day at her house, where a bunch of us get together and do nothing but work on quilts for Community Service. That is happening this coming Saturday, which fits right in with JudyL’s Quiltathon for me, so I’ll be getting rid of the fabric almost as fast as it came in, and doing a good thing with it at the same time. Whew! Hopefully, I can get all my cutting done before Saturday, so I can really put on a Quiltathon!

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  1. Fabric given to me was the downfall of my plans to do stash busting last year. My husband has told me no more fabric – he’s joking, sort of.

  2. Man, I haven’t had that kind of luck in forever! I love getting boxes or bags like that and sorting through it: one for me, one for charity, one for a quick quilt, one for a friend…maybe my turn will come again soon.

  3. mmmmmmm….. fabrics…… mmmmmmm…..

    *this was mumbled in the same tone of voice as Homer Simpson, when he’s dreaming about donuts*


    Lucky you…. fun stuff to play with and pass along, eh?

    Rosa Robichaud
    Saint John, New Brunswick

  4. What lovely fabric you received! Enjoy it!

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