QA Report #2

No progress!

Absolutely NONE!

In fact, it might even be worse than it was!

I blame it on the Friday Night Sew-In and JudyL’s Weekend Quiltathon. I drug out more stuff and cut and flung and sorted and piled, and now I’m in a worse pickle than I was. Late last night (too late to do any good) I realized that I was going to have to report in today on how I was doing on getting my island cleaned off.

So I stood in front of it for a bit, contemplating . . . but overwhelm usually stops me in my tracks, and true to form, it worked like that this time, too. I moved a jar, 3 coins, and the stack of T-shirts I’m supposed to be making into a quilt for my youngest daughter. It helped so much! I have no idea why I even had a jar and 3 coins ON my island in the first place!

My goal is to not just move the items into another pile elsewhere in the room, because all of those need to be dealt with, too. So that means that each item either has to be used, disposed of where it’s supposed to go, or a home has to be found or made for it. I resolve this week to deal with at least one item a day, and maybe next week’s report will be some better.

I hope others had more luck with being accountable this week than I did. Go check them out at Bari’s.

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  1. Wow, Shelly. Isn’t that so typical that when we resolve to do something, it gets WORSE first! (I do that when I resolve to lose weight – got to get ready for not being able to eat so I eat too much and gain weight to compensate!)

    I think the idea of one item a day is a great one. Can’t wait to see next week.


  2. Hey it is not so bad…At least you did not add to your list.

  3. Just think of all the buried treasures you will find when you get to see what is on the table *grin*

    • Haha! Maybe that’s what I’m afraid of!

  4. […] Report #3 After last week’s debacle, I HAD to make some progress this week. It does look a little better. The piles aren’t quite […]

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