QA Report #3

After last week’s debacle, I HAD to make some progress this week. It does look a little better. The piles aren’t quite so high.

Even when I end up with a cleaned-off island, there are still other piles in other places that need to be dealt with. I have dealt with several of them, but they seem to multiply. While I’m busy working on one pile, two others are forming in other parts of the room — I can hear them whispering and see them out of the corner of my eye! How can I win?

I’m giving myself one more week to have this island completely cleared off. How’s that for accountability? Check back . . .

Meanwhile, go see if anyone else is having any better luck than I am over at Bari’s.

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  1. Actually, you are right – it is looking much better! I know totally what you mean about piles…mine breed in the dark I think. Then there is the fact my sewing room is the “dumping” ground for all the stuff that needs to be gotten out of the way for other things….LOL

    Can’t wait to see next week!

  2. Looks good to me! The better half & I live in a small space, no seperate room to sewn room. Every time I want to sew, the ironing board, machine, cutting mat, boxes of material, come out from their assorted hiding places. Then back they all go into the nooks and crannies when I am done, it’s a royal pain! I love your your sewing rooms, they look great stuffed and over flowing!
    The Cowboy Lingo trivia game arrived yesterday , played it last night, it was great fun! Thanks for the Xmas prize. Sharon.

  3. All you need to focus on is that you are making forward progress, and pat yourself on the back! I think it defineatly looks better.

  4. Hey Shelly, I cleaned up my piles and now I can’t find anything. Good luck. Happy organizing!

  5. Hey I don’t think it is so long as you can find what you need when you need it. LOL I am always puting things away and never finding it again.

  6. You can do it! If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again! 🙂

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