Complete Gratitude

That’s what I feel for what the mailman brought me yesterday . . .

I received two wonderful packages for the Necktie Social project. A package containing 18 ties from a very nice guy in Las Vegas . . .

Some of these are almost too beautiful to cut up! I am planning a very special quilt in which I can use all those “novelty” ties, such as that Taz one on top — isn’t it special?

. . . and I also received the most wonderful box of necktie fabric from SewCalGal! These are not neckties, it’s necktie fabric, meaning prep time will be much easier, and bigger pieces to work with, which will come in really handy. There must be the equivalent of 30-35 yards of necktie fabric in this wonderful grouping.

I am so completely grateful to both of you donors for sending me these wonderful packages. Thank you both so much!

I’m also deeply appreciative of all my volunteers who have been helping make blocks. You are really helping speed this project along, because I certainly can’t do it alone. I am thankful for each and every one of you — you know who you are!

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  1. Oh wow!!! I can’t wait to make them into blocks. :0)
    I love the Taz necktie…I don’t want to see him cut up. Can you use him in a border?

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