Design Wall Monday – Feb. 1

I can’t believe it’s already Monday again. Where did last week go? I must not have been present, and my design wall can prove it. It hasn’t changed a whole lot. 

The last section of the Cowboy Quilt is finished! Now I can take it down off the wall, put the sections together, and get the borders on it. I need to do that before Friday, so I can show some progress on my Weekly Challenge.

I also fiddled a little bit with the Necktie Social quilt. I see from the picture that a couple of the blocks have leapt off the wall to go somewhere. I’ll have to run them down and get them back in place. I just barely started setting it together. I only have one pair of blocks joined! More progress this week . . .

Now that my big design wall is empty, I’m excited to get something up there for next week. Hmmm . . . what shall it be? I’ll have to think on that. Meanwhile, go see what everyone else is up to on JudyL’s site . . .

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  1. That cowboy quilt is amazing…so much piecing to make it come together!
    I was struggling to get my backing to fit together and that is so easy compared to what you’ve done here!

    • Graph paper is my constant companion!

  2. Bowtie blocks are one of my many favorites as they are fast and easy to construct! Love the fabric you are using for the background.

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