QA Report #5

No pictures of my progress — I want you all to be shocked and surprised when I’m finished. (Not really — I just forgot to take a picture!)

My main goal this week was to keep my island looking nice while still trying to accomplish something. It’s still pretty good. I have a piece of backing and a finished quilt laying on one side, and a current project out on the other side, so I’m OK with that. The backing and the finished quilt should both be gone this week.

I will report that my mailing counter does look a lot better . . . I’m a long way from done, but the stuff that didn’t require a difficult decision is gone. All that’s left is stuff I have to deal with, and I just didn’t have enough spare brainpower last week to do something that taxing. And speaking of taxing, that’s one thing that is slowing down my quilting — having to work on my taxes!

I really want to finish this project early, so I can get started on another one. Meanwhile, I spent some time on other piles in other places, and I have to say — the studio as a whole is looking much better. And on another note, my sister and I are making big boards for our ironing boards, and we’re just about done with those, so that’s a big project I’ve been wanting to get done. I’ll post some pictures when I have it in place.

I hope to report even more progress next week. Meanwhile, go see how accountable others have been over at Bari’s.

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  1. Way to go, Shelly! Keeping something clean and organized is a HUGE accomplishment in my book!

    It also amazes me how a little bit of progress in one area will seep over into other areas (or piles, should I say?). Isn’t it wonderful how that works?

    I need to make a new surface board for my ironing board also. Did you all use a pattern or what to make your boards? Will you post pictures?

    Keep it up, can’t wait to see your mailing space!

  2. I’m using a pattern I found on the internet. I’ll look it up and when I post the pictures of the board, I’ll put the link in . . . now where did I put that piece of paper? . . . (I think it’s on my mailing counter)

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