Happy Birthday, Sister Sue

Happy Birthday, Katy Lou!

It’s my little sister’s birthday today . . .

So it’s a good time to tell her thanks for all she does for me. Thanks, Kate, for helping me test recipes (because we can cook at your house without a cat sitting in the middle of everything), letting me hang out at your house (because you have heat and I don’t), letting me use your Internet service (because you have it and I don’t), keeping me equipped with a cell phone (cuz if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even carry one), being my partner in crime on fabric-shopping sprees (completely self-explanatory), and being such a good sister.

One of the few times I’ve embarrassed myself in a restaurant (and hopefully one of the last times I will) is when I was out to dinner with Katy and her husband, Denny. The restaurant had music playing — a country song — and Denny was “singing” along. When it got especially horrific, I shot him a look, and he grinned real big and said: “I know this song — I can sing it — I should have been a country singer.” 

Without so much as batting a single eyelash, my sister promptly replied, “Yeah, and I should have been a SuperModel, so I guess we both missed our calling.”

And I then spit iced tea clear across the table . . .

Happy Birthday, Beauty Queen!

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  1. […] today is also my sister’s birthday (Hazel’s youngest daughter), so hop on over to the other blog and show some love to one of your fellow quilt-alongers, KatyK . . . Happy Birthday, Sister […]

  2. Happy Birthday! You sound like a great sister! I have a great sister also!

  3. You are so very lucky to have such a wonderful relationship with your sister! Happy Birthday Katy!

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