QA Report #6

Progress, but not finished — I’m switching horses in midstream.

My goal was to clear off my mailing counter. Here is what it looked like before I started:

Here is what it looks like this morning:

Not clear, but much better. However . . . 

I’m reorganizing my entire office and mailing area so that I can work more efficiently. Now that I’ve inhabited my new space for a little over a year, I know more how I want it, and what will work better, so I’m headed in that direction. The problem is THIS:

No one can possibly do paperwork on a desk that looks like this! And I made this mess only in the last 3 weeks or so, because it was clean when I did my paperwork around the first of the year. I brought some more stuff in from the old sewing room without having a place to put it first, and this is what happened. So I’m switching to cleaning off the desk first, then I’ll switch back to finishing up the reorganization of the mailing counter. During all of this, I also need to get caught back up on paperwork and file my taxes. Ugh! So not fun.

I’m giving myself until March 17th to get this desk cleaned off and finish up my mailing counter reorganization, so I hope to post some progress each week. If I can get done early, that’s even better. Did you know that years ago, tax filing deadline WAS actually March 15th? I’m sure glad they give us until April 15th these days, but I still hate it when the procrastinator in me lets me take that long to get mine done. I’d like to be way early with that dreadful project.

I’m really hoping that by showing you all these horrible pictures, I’ll shame myself into cleaning it all up and making sense of it, and the sooner, the better. Keep checking back . . .

Meanwhile, Bari’s been tearin’ it up at her place. She’s like a house afire! And go check out what others are doing over there, too.

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  1. Oh, wow, Shelly! That looks like my sewing room before you inspired me! Your mailing center does look much better. Isn’t it nice to have been in the space long enough to know what works and what doesn’t? If you are like me, it will be even MORE of a disaster before it gets finished, but it will be SO WORTH IT when you are finished!

    I will be here cheering you on!


  2. I think you have things looking fairly good.. LOL Ok the desk is a mess but hey you can fix it in short time. I don’t even want to think about taxes… I have my papers ready but won’t do more untill April, Just how it works for me. LOL

  3. […] didn’t touch my desk, except to lay more pieces of paper on one of the piles. Shame on me. I have no Procrastination […]

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