PC Update – Mar. 1

Well, so as not to completely ignore my Procrastination Challenge as if it doesn’t even exist, I’m posting this “update” just to say once again this week that there IS no update. I’ve been derailed. Can you tell we’ve had a few tolerable days as far as the weather goes? Did I mention I live on a farm?

There’s always something that needs doing, and unfortunately for me, some of those things are definitely NOT quilt-related. Things like cleaning . . . or shoveling . . . anything . . . It’s so hard to be a Princess with poop all over your coat and mud up to your knees! My horse, Bonnie, thinks so, too. How much sense does it make to tromp around in the mud in a white fur coat? Oh, the indignity!

But I digress . . . just like I’ve been doing on the actual project itself. It hasn’t changed at all. In fact, I haven’t even had it out of the box. It still looks just like this:

I hope to get over my apathy toward this poor quilt and get back to work on it soon . . . as in “this week”. I can’t put any money in my money pot if I’m not earning any money for the money pot. I hope to have a real update for you next week. Meanwhile, my sister has her current Procrastination Challenge project almost finished. How are YOU doing on yours?

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  1. Even when you retire ,there is still work to do on a farm.When we do find time to sew it is like we are treating ourselves.

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